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Gold Bar Investment and Gold Scams Guides, DVDs, and Silver Coin

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Why Invest in Gold in the First Place?

Individuals and families from all walks of life and political backgrounds are watching anxiously as disturbing signs all point toward a very likely unprecedented financial crisis and social disaster. These kinds of predictions might sound like fake news, hype, and fear mongering to those who don’t pay too much attention to these things, but when you piece together everything that’s been going on in the geopolitical landscape it becomes very clear that these are perfectly justified, rational concerns.

1 What would everyday life be like if many major world currencies that we depend on rapidly lost their value?


2 Is the stock market truly on the brink of caving in on itself; i.e. crash?


3 How will people pay for their life necessities, survive even, when their savings become nearly worthless?


4 Could our advanced society degrade to the point where our fictional apocalyptic scenarios are tame in comparison?

$22 trillion worth of US national debt is not only the highest public debt in the history of the world, it is completely unsustainable. Rising interest rates will cause debt servicing to consume a growing share of the United States’ limited annual revenues (exceeding 10 percent of all government income imminently at today’s increased interest rates). The higher interest rates go, the worse this fiscal nightmare will become for Washington. It will only get worse over time with global consequences.

Financial Meltdown

Signs That Cannot Be Ignored

Consumer Debt

Skyrocketing Consumer Debt

Student and household debt has skyrocketed to disturbing levels in recent years since the 2008 Financial Crisis. Student loans alone now exceed the trillion-dollar mark. Still, consumers are continuing to purchase and spend despite the fact that 90 percent of them still earn the same amount or less than they did following the Financial Crisis of 2008. Think about it; How long can this irresponsible borrowing against the future go on?

(Hint: The answer is a flat out not indefinitely. The bill always comes due, that due date will be here before we know it.)

Corporate Debt

Corporate Debt? Oh Boy…

With interest rates at historic lows, big business used this one-of-a-kind “opportunity” to rack up huge debt against their balance sheets. Did wrecking their financial bases after a decade of this continuous irresponsible borrowing behavior give them anything to show for it? No. Most of this money was flushed down the toilet on executive bonuses, compensation packages, and stock buybacks. Next to nothing went towards increasing productivity or investing in technology as well as new business opportunities. Now that interest rates are climbing, they’re still on the hook for these huge debt burdens with future free flow cash. This will translate into unending strain on their collective balance sheets and overall financial health.

Guess who’ll get stuck bailing them out?

Not Enough Cash

Not Enough Cash

More than a third of Americans don’t have any savings to fall back on. That’s about 70 million people in the United States who will be in dire straights within days or weeks of the US dollar’s devaluation. About half of all Americans only have enough savings to last them 90 days or less. Together, this translates into approximately 80% of Americans who will be in deep trouble within 3 months of losing their income. When the American economy gets into a hurt bag, this undoubtedly leads to a global chain reaction as its done before.

Are you ready for the consequences to you no matter where you live?

Now is the Time to Stock Up on Gold, the Right Way

Given the economic and geopolitical storm clouds on the horizon and the potential upswing in precious metals value that this entails, doesn’t it make sense to add physical gold to your portfolio — or through your retirement plan? We certainly think so.

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Even allocating 10–30% of your portfolio into gold before the 2008 financial disaster would have not only PROTECTED your investment portfolio, but you would have been one of the lucky few who actually made GAINS during that volatile time.

There’s simply too much money to be made going forward.

It’s possible gold could soar to well over $2,000…. $3,000… even $5,000 per ounce in the years ahead.

Yes, it could take years — particularly as the United States’ version of the sovereign debt crisis and consequential economic collapse edges closer and closer to Washington.

But many believe the recent “pullback” in gold pricing was just temporary — and this is setting up what may be the greatest buying opportunity any of us has seen in years.

Do not be fooled by the recent “low” unemployment numbers or so-called “recovery”!


The $22 trillion worth of US national debt we discussed earlier will have to meet its day of reckoning — and when it does, gold investors are likely to reap incredible rewards when the guillotine finally falls; which is becoming even more likely “thanks” to the China-United States trade war heating up.

Seeing all of this, it’s now easy to understand how so many companies have come out of the woodwork, eager and ready to sell investors overpriced coins — effectively stealing from them — capitalizing on a message of fear.

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With your newfound knowledge, you will be bullet-proof from gold scammers.

This extremely valuable free gold bars investment kit and DVDs covers all you need to know — from where to buy, and where to safely store your gold — for life.

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You should — because there is no better way to protect and grow your investment portfolio (or your retirement account) than gold.

And with your free gold bars investment kit and DVDs, you’ll be armed with everything you need to avoid the scams and theft… get the best value for your money… and stay protected no matter what happens to the economy or government.

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Gold Bar Investment and Gold Scams Guides, DVDs, and Silver Coin

1 Ounce Silver 10th Anniversary Celebration Coin*
Order your gold bar investment kit today and receive a 1 oz silver Regal Assets 10th Anniversary Celebration Coin* with our compliments!

*Qualified Investors Only.

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Gold Bar Investment and Gold Scams Guides, DVDs, and Silver Coin
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